Thursday, June 24, 2004

Can an Indian be a Racist ?

Recently, Pooja Bhatt, when asked about the controversy surrounding the South African actress and her, said that how can she being an Indian be called as a Racist. What does Racism have anything to do with being an Indian or not. Any body could be a Racist, immaterial of what color he/she is. Matter of fact, according to me, most of the Indians are racist, they just not only discriminate on the basis of color, they also discriminate on the basis of any factors that you can think of.

Instead of healthy babies, even now at this modern times most of the Indian parents, will ask for a fair beautiful looking babies. For most of us, beauty is being white/fair. I remember having a discussion about Halle Berry among my friends after she won her oscar, and one of my friends an Indian, told us that how can she be beautiful, she is as dark as his maid-servant at home. What do you call this feeling towards being dark ? Recently, a Florida based Gujarati motel owner was charged with Racism, he would not allow any African Americans in his motel to use the swimming pool, and the owner would allot them shabby rooms instead of the finer rooms, which was mostly given to the white people.

Most of us, would be really surprised to see a fair looking girl/boy among a bunch of slum kids, we would ask ourselves, "how come that fair kid is poor ?", isn't it ? If it doesnt reflect racism among us, what does it show ? I don't know, for me it is. Read through this article by Francois Gautier in rediff, which reflects some of my feelings. Go through some of the comments that this article has evoked. Too sad a white person has to let us know about our fascination towards being white.

More to follow about my feelings towards secularism.

Friday, June 18, 2004


I dedicate this blog to my one-day old niece. My sister gave birth to a healthy girl yesterday afternoon. Both the mother and baby are both doing fine. Probable girl names are invited from you people. I am in awe of all the pain that a women goes through during her pregnancy period to give birth. My sister had severe leg pains due to vericose vein problems, she barely slept 3-4 hours a day. Im sure for the next some months, her new born would give her some more sleepless nights. Hats off to motherhood, and hats off to all the moms out there.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Photo Blog

Check out my photo blog. Will try to add pictures quite frequently.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Olympic Torch

Did you guys know that Bipasha Basu carried the Olympic Torch ? Interesting isn't it. Was it expected with Mr. Sunill Dutt as the sports minister, this was supposed to happen ? I have nothing against Miss Basu, but are we lacking sportspersons to carry the Olympic Torch ? When most of the sports are dying here, it would have been a great gesture from the concerned authorities to invite sports persons from various differents sports to carry the torch.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ordinary People

Went to the Pantaloons Outlet store yday, and saw this point as one of their companies principles "To allow the ordinary people to buy stuff that only the rich people can do". What do they mean by ordinary people ? Does it mean all their customers are ordinary people ? How do they distinguinsh between the rich and the ordinary ? I dont think any person is ordinary, there is something extra-ordinary in each and every person. What do you think ?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Crazy Afternoon

Am i lucky or what should i think about what happenned with me on 3rd of June ? First my bike got towed, had to shell out 100 bucks to get it back, then the craziest thing happenned. I had a head on collision with a car, which was trying to cross the main road. I flipped over, did some somersaults and landed safely in the front the car. Other than two bruises, i was quite fine. The car had some cosmetic damanges and my bike didnt have any damages. Whose fault was it, i dont know. I must have closed my eyes for a sec or two, and before i opened my eyes, there was this white car in front of me. Thankfully i wasnt speeding, otherwise it would have been a different story.

Whenever i take my bike out on the road, somewhere in my system, the thought of getting into an accident is always there. Thats how the traffic system is, in this part of the world. No matter how careful you are, you may or may not get involved in an accident. After a certain time in the nites, when signals are switched off, most of the crossings are virtually like jungles. Its survival of the fittest, you either stand there waiting for the roads to be empty or you better inch forward inch by inch to reach your destination.

Hoping to not have too many of these crazy afternoons.

Whats there in a name ?

My name is Srihari and spelt S.R.I.H.A.R.I, and why is that when somebody is writing my name from the Identiy card that i produce which has my name spelled correctly, write it as S.H.R.I.H.A.R.I ?

Can't understand why somebody has to use their brain, when all they have to do is reproduce verbatim ?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Six minutes of Sloppiness

No matter how much you prepare yourself, how much you rehearse, what matters is how you perform at the required moment. My second tryst at the stage was more sloppier than my first one. The blinding lites, the flashy white shirt, the red duppatta (which i was wearing for the first time) and the satin scarf that i was supposed to pick from my pockets didnt help the cause either, i totally forgot all my steps. But thankfully the other dance members remembered their steps and did an awesome job. Altogether the whole show was fun, the practice sessions were hilarious and by participating i was able to meet some interesting people. Hope to participate in the next event and do a better job.