Saturday, March 19, 2005

My first time

I had no idea that this would happen to me. Not even in my wildest of dreams, i had dreamt about this. But it did happen. It happenned on a hot sunny afternoon. That too when i was at work. The chair rocked, the floor rocked. It was different, different than the ones i had experienced while in college, living in a top floor room, whenever a high-speed train passed through the closeby railway tracks.

And again it happenned the next morning, but this time i didn't experience it, i was on road, driving down to work.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Koffee with Karan

Was watching this show sometime last week, with a friend who has just returned back from the land of opportunities. So who do you think is sexy and who do you think is a good actor? This was the question put to some celebrities, they were asked to compare Rani M and Kareena K. As expected Rani won in the acting part and Kareena won the sexy part. If you ask me, I would have said Rani on both the fronts, well who is asking me.

The surprising part of the show was, the way they described Kareena's Gluteus Maximus. Comments ranged from cute, tight, bootilycious to what an ass she has !. We were just thinking about the changing scene in today's India and how it has become too cool to talk about "somebody's ass and something else too" in front of a national audience.