Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Windows 2004 Chennai Style

If Billgates was born in chennai, windows 2004 would have been called Jannal 2004.

The menu items would have been as follows.

Save = veaichukoo
Save as = Aiyye, apdiyea veaichukoo
Save All = allaathaium veaichikoo
Help = odhavu
Find = paru
Find Again = inoru dhaba paru
Move = appala po
Mail = postu
Mailer = posttuman
Zoom = persaa kaattu
Zoom Out = velilavanthu persaa kaattu
Open = theraa naina
Close = pothiko
New = pucchu
Old = palsu
Replace = itha thooki athle podu, athe thooki ithle podu
Run = odu naina
Execute = kollu
Print = poster podu
Print Preview = paathu poster podu
Cut = vettu - kuthu
Copy = E-adichan kaapi
Paste = ottu
Paste Special = nalla echcha thottu ottu
Delete = keechidu
anti virus = mamiya kodumai
View = look-vudu
Tools = spannaru
Toolsbar = spanner setu
Spreadsheet = perisheetu
Database = Dappaa
Exit = odra dei
Compress = amuki-podu
Mouse = eli
Click = Potu sathu
Double click = rendu dhabaa potu sathu
Scrollbar = inge angae alathadi
Pay Per View = dhudukku bayascoppu
Next = appaala
Previous = munaangati
Trash bin = koovam aaru
Solitaire = mangaatha
Drag & hold = nallaa isthu pudi
Do you want to delete selected item? = Maiyalume thukirava?
Do you want to move selected item? = Maiyalume kadasidava?
Do you want to save selected item? = Maiyalume vachukkava?
Yes, No, Cancel = ippa innaa sollikeere nee
General protection fault = Gaali
Access denied = Kai veche keesiduven
Unrecoverable error = Bada bejarpa
Operation illegal = Bemani... Savu grakki..Kasmalam

P.S :- Couldnt stop myself from sharing this good one with all my fellow bloggers

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Dancing with Techies

Rewinding back to 1980's, a 13 yr old school boy, dancing with 7 other students, his classmates, wearing veshti's (dhotis), facing some 500 odd students, family members and teachers, dancing to the tune of some Tamil folk song. The dance was going on fine, until another dancers veshti was just getting loose, and on the verge of falling down, luckily he gets a grip of the veshti, and starts dancing with one hand on the veshti and other hand making the dance moves. It was wonderful effort by him, saving the face of the dance and all the embarrassment he must have faced if he had let loose his veshti. That was the first time I set my foot to dance in a stage.

Till this day, I have not set my foot again on the stage. But its all going to change, I'm dancing with a bunch of techies, on May 27th 2004. All my team members are wonderful, energetic and enthusiastic, and are doing an wonderful job in juggling their time to meet up their deadlines at work and at the stage. Our company does quite excel in allowing the employees to take part in extra-curricular activities, and we have an excellent Arts circle that organizes these events quite successfully. Hopefully the event goes really well, and my third attempt at stage won't have to take a long break.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Change is inevitable

Just like me changing the look of this blog, the people of India decided to change the government.
Unfortunately we do not know whether its for good or bad, all we wanted is a change and voila we elected a different coalition. I think the whole country is following the footsteps of the great Tamil People, its either black or white for them, pick and choose from two corrupt parties, its best of the worst.

But before i get on to something else, let me thank on behalf of a lot of people like me our ex-Prime minister for the great work he had done. He was leading the Indian people to realise the India 2020 vision of our great President. He was one of the reasons why i came back to India to cherish the good times.

But why Sonia, is it a pre-cursor for ourselves to get ready for Columbian/Spanish woman that Rahul Gandhi is dating? I'm not at all ready to accept the fact that an Italian women is going to have a say in our Nuclear options. And the fact that she is going to control the three commands, gives me shivers. Indis is not as small as Fiji, Peru or California which is/was ruled by some foreigner. And just because Mr John Wright is leading the Indian team very well, we can go ahead with giving the Indian democracy to the Italian to lead, thats just quite ridiculous.

Well, nothing can be done now. The Indian people have voted Congress back to Power. So its back to the olden days of Congress Raj. All we can do is hope for better days. And hope that the team comprising Manmohan Singh, P.Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee, Jairam Ramesh does a great job and does not fall into the Leftist-Communist-Lallo-Mulayam trap and take India to a better future.

And also hoping that BJP does a good job being in the opposition and strengthens itself in the whole country, and concentrating on farmers and their well-being for a change and come back next time strong.