Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Foreign Tourist in Goa

- You should have a minimum 36' waistline, and be ready to increase it by 1' or 2' after beer binging. It is OK for you to parade your naked belly while driving your rented activa.
- You should not be younger than 40 yrs. And if you are a 50+ women, it is ok for you to go topless, as nobody will give a rat's ass about your rack.
- You should know only a smattering of English.
- You should be fine with the awesome servitude attitude of Indians who will serve you in the shacks or the hotel. They are the best exponents of athithi devo bava

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sud's novel - 65 Lakh Heist

It is always good to read well written blogs by people you know. And when they go on to write a novel, albeit a translated one, I'm very happy. Now I start thinking, probably probably, he might include my name in thank you section in his next novel. For what you may ask? Of course for nothing.

Sudarshan has stepped into the Indian English literary world with a translation work. 65 Lakh heist, originally written in Hindi by Surender Mohan Pathak, is a page turner. From first page to last page it keeps you in the edge. Uncharacteristically I finished it one sitting, which speaks a lot about the novel. The translation is simple, straight forward and no playing around with words (my type of novel).

For people who have read the original this novel may not be such a attractive proposition, but for people who have not this is a sure shot read.

People who read his blogs will surely miss the kind of humor he brings in, in this novel. But that is to be expected as it is a literal translation and improvisation/changes is not possible.

As a ending note, Sud fantastic job. And all the very best for your future novels. And do not forget to thank me ;).