Saturday, November 20, 2004

World of Tamil Serials

First off all, what's the distinction between soap, serial, sitcom, and series ? For a show to be called as soap, i think all the characters in the show should have slept around with most of the other characters in the show. And one character would be introducing other character as the person who slept with this person on so and so date and so on. For a show to be called as a serial esp a Tamil serial (TS) , it would need all its characters to specialise on one particular thing and that it to master the art of crying and the second one is to act like a witch. The last thing a TS character would want to do is to smile.

For a casual viewer its kind of confusing to understand what's going on in a TS. You can see the same actor in more than 2 serials, enacting more or less the same kind of role, which will confuse the casual viewer. And if you ask the household lady any of your questions in between, all you can get is a stern look. But you will get an explanation during one of the various breaks that you will get to see in a TS.

Typically in a 30 min time slot you will get to see around 15 mins of the action. And within these 15 mins, you will have atleast 5 mins of musical interludes where you will see camera shifting from one character's crying face to another character's crying face. And also most of the serials carry loud music, loud as in unbearably loud.

The way the names are drying out for these serials, soon the directors have to take up English names. You know what will happen then, the PMK will be having a busy time monitoring both the movies as well as the serials for English names.

Finally happy watching.

Friday, November 19, 2004

What do you call this person ?

A person who calls himself an atheist, but has been attending Iftar parties for the last 25 years ?

Friday, November 12, 2004

First blog from Home

This is my first blog from Home. Home as in home. Home as in Chennai. It has to rain in Chennai during Diwali. This year it was no exception. Thanks to Amma read Rain water harvesting, most of the Wells are full of water. And it should be sufficient till next summer, i hope.

Chennai, is back in national reckoning, this time with the arrest of Kanchi Seer. A lot has already been written about it. For media especially Sun network, this incident has given them a lot of fodder to feed the public. Whatever said, Kanchi mutt won't be the same anymore.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Go Lions

Detroit, iirc, has not won more than 3 or 4 games int the last 3 seasons, and used to be the butt of all Jay Leno jokes. This season, with around 9 more games to go, they have 4 wins out of 7, which is quite incredible. All the best Lions.

Eagles, with Donovan McNabb at the helm, is kickin some real butt, they are unbeaten at 7-0. Go get the Super Bowl, Eagles.

Overheard in a lift

Techie 1 - Dude when is Diwali ?
Techie 2 - Think its either Nov 12 or 13th ?
Techie 1 - Oh, does it fall on first week or second week ?
Techie 2 - *!@#$%^&*