Friday, September 30, 2005

Inspired by Denzel

First, Emraan kissing dude Hashmi got inspired by out of time Denzel in Zeher. Now the Big B himself, inspired by man on fire Denzel in Ek Ajnabee

Monday, September 19, 2005


I'm becoming a gaaju Ganesan. Not the usual gaaju, but gaaju with respect to cricket. In cricket terminologies, gaaju means batting and only batting. And im getting a lot of gaaju thanks to this. I play knock out tournaments, head to head tournaments, etc etc. I have had nail biting finishes, last ball dismissals, last ball sixes, hatricks, etc etc. But damn the spinners they are the worst to handle. Let me go master the spinners, and you enjoy the gaaju.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Definitions


One who waits at the signal, for it to turn green


One who reaches the venue on time

Fundoo Guy

One who comes late to the venue, and asks the loser why did he come on time and also asks why everybody comes late

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Desi in America (I)

It was a typical michigan summer morning. The desi guy gets up early in the morning and goes to his kitchen to prepare his cereal. Only then he realises that there is no milk in the apartment.

Before we get on to the incident, here is a little bit introduction to the guy. He is one typical Coimbatore tamil guy, who speaks with a great Coimbatore accent. He is generally the laughing stock in a party and he is one helluva guy. He was recently caught speeding on a 20 mile apartment service road. He was doing 25 on that road. Obviously he contested against the charge and in the court was asked to pay a reduced fine. He would have been ticketed again for parking in a cop's slot when he was in the court, but this incident will be for another blog.

Alright, now back to the story. Once he realises that there is no milk, he sets off in his run down toyato to pick up milk from the nearest desi store. Just 2 miles from his home, he notices something in his rear mirror. Having been there and done that, he realizes that the something in his mirror is the cop;s lights. As expected, he stops the car in the shoulder and waits for the cop to come over. As usual, cop comes over asks for his registration and license. Goes back to his car, checks on his credentials, sees that he has some tickets on his name. And also looking at his sleepy dishelved face, thinks that he might be drunk. So from his car, asks the desi guy to come out of the car. The desi guy comes out of the car, and looks down.

And here is the fun part. No self-respecting veshti wearing tamil guy would let his veshti roll on the ground. So following his natural instincts, he bends down to pick up his veshti to fold it. The cop watching his action and strange attire, thinks he is about to pick some weapon or something. He automatically puts his hand on the holster and picks his gun and points it on the desi guy. Shouts at him to stop whatever he is doing and keep his hands in such a postition that he could see where it is.

Now our desi guy freaks out. Realises what he has done. Starts sobbing and cries to the cop that he was just going to the fold his veshti. And he was going to do no harm. The cop comes over to him cautiously and frisks him for any weapons. Finding no weapon, he cools down and asks him what the heck he was doing. Then as usual it all ends well. Desi guy gets off with no ticket, and till this day he has no more tickets against his name.

Note :- This story is partly inspired.
veshti - Dhoti.