Friday, December 30, 2005

Long time back ...

... when i started with my pre-reqs for masters in CS, i should have read this. Atleast, I would have thought of doing something else rather than trying to find out right now why i'm still in IT.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Recently overheard this in great comedy show

Humorist - Mam, i have a joke about sex in Chennai.
Editor - There is no sex in Chennai.
Humorist - Mam, this is sex after marriage in Chennai.
Editor - There is no sex even after marriage in Chennai.

Introducing ...

... a very dear friend of mine Rajesh aka Raja, who blogs about automotives here and about Tanjore paintings and stuff here. Go check it out.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bluffmaster - my take

Thoroughly enjoyable movie. Unlike the unintelligent Bunty and Bubli, this movie has a lot of things going in favor of it. The picturesque shots of Mumbai taken around Haji Ali area are wonderful to look at. The remixed abridged songs with the hip hop touch adds lotsa glamor into the movie.

Great performances. I have to confess this, this is the first movie where i have liked Priyanka Chopra. She does manage to perform well in whatever way she can in this, other than looking glamorous. Riteish, he does the ebullient young energetic shishya role to a perfect T. Boman doesn't have much to do here, but he does what is expected of him. Nana, what a performer he is. He breezes through his role. Being the "writer", he gets the meatiest of dialogues. One such goes like this - saali, laundiya, pichathar hazar maang rahi thi, kya bus type karvaoonga usse. Then comes Abhishek, a dying con men, finally getting a chance to do something for his friend, gets one more excellent oppurtunity to showcase his talent. After his "distarous" Bunty job, with this one he climbs up the totempole.

The movie not entirely original, is partly inspired by "The Game" as well as "Matchstick men". A specific tune that gets played whenever Priyanka comes on screen was bothering me. I knew i have heard it before, but could not pinpoint which song was it. I think it is from the soundtrack "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from Cruel Intentions. Not sure though.

Altogether a fun movie, does falter here and there, but keeps you hooked till the last. Go and enjoy.