Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Mad Ads

Imagine yourself driving a top-down Red Porsche convertible in an European farm road, and a bright Yellow Martui WagonR passes you. Will you even give a look at the Maruti - im sure you won't, but this lady in the Ad who drives the Porsche gives a big envy sigh "damn i wish, i have that yellow wagonR", yeah Right.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Asha for Education, DC chapter milestone

Asha DC raised more than $20000 during the year 2003. Out of which it disbursed around $12,000 to projects in India.This is due to some great hard work by its volunteers. One remarkable aspect was the participation of its volunteers in a 40 mile marathon, these volunteers who have no prior experience in running marathons, went through rigorous training every weekend, under the watchful eyes of a professional coach. The concept behind the marathon is that the volunteers will ask for funding from their friends, etc etc stating the cause for which they are running. And this money is given to the chapter. Lots of other chapters have done this quite successfully and for the first time DC did it in year 2003. I was part of the DC chapter for around 10 months, and had a great time meeting a lot of like-minded people and also volunteering during Heritage India festival. Cheers to the Asha DC team.

Madhavan vs Abhishek, Vivek vs Sidharth and Ajay Devgan vs Surya

Hmmm, this competition is going to be quite intense. My winners are Madhavan, Vivek and draw btw Ajay and Surya.
Ok, im talking about the main actors in Yuva and Ayutha Ezhuthu. Wot say ?

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Scene - A famous Pune eatery, where two college going pairs/couples (i dont know which one to use) talking with each other

Discussion :-

Girl 1 :- Can't miss my Debate class tommorrow in the afternoon
Girl 2 :- Why yaar ? Whats up with the debate ? We can go to the movie, no.
Girl 1 :- No way yaar, we are going to debate whether a live in relationship is better than a married relationship.

Me (Thinking to myself):- Hmmmm ! Times are surely changing - so is India Shining ?

Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Big Joke

Bush and Blair are nominated for Nobel Peace prize. This nomination, coming after premiers of Haiti and Venezuela, complaining to the UN that US have connived with the rebels in their nation to remove them, is quite a big joke. The Haiti premier Mr. Aristride ran away from his homeland, apparently the US marines forced him to board a chopter and sent him to some Central African republic and Venezuelan premier Mr. Chavez is still fighting out and the rebels in his country are hoping that the "foreign forces" will remove him using the "Haitian format". Remember some days back Mr Chavez openly abused Mr Bush as an "u know what". Doesnt it make you think about what the hell is happenning in this World ? A peace prize nomination for some one who has instigated wars, killed thousands of people, maimed more than millions, is quite ridiculous. I think the famous Mr. Khan should be nominated too. What say ?