Monday, July 23, 2007

What is the difference ...

Between Basically my name is and Actually my name is?


Partner II?

This probably might inspire David Dhawan.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Blinded by high beams

Night driving in Indian roads is a nightware. Constant blinding high beams makes the driving not so good experience. Basically we Indian drivers do not know when to use high beams and when to not. And that is basically the problem. Since we do not know when to use, we basically keep it on all the time. Here is a video that illustrates when to use low and high beams.

There is an interesting point in that video, where it illustrates that even with a low beam whenever a vehicle climbs up a spead breaker, it acts like a high beam.

In Indian roads, by default almost every body drives with their high beams on. Irrespective of whether there are street lights are on or not. Even vehicles that stop at the signals, have their high beams on. Cops should start fining these vehicles. This totally adds on to the confusion on the other side of the roads. The other frustrating thing is vehicles which are parked in front of any shops, when they start their vehicle they start with the high beams on, this just blinds the people who are inside the shops or siting outside the shops. This should be stopped as well.

For more videos of this nature, check this blog out.

Hat Tip :- Chennai Metblogs


Joel writes an interesting article about blog comments. Right here he lists an interesting point
If the article, for example, mentions anything in anyway related to Microsoft, you get some kind of open source nuclear war.

This is precisely what happens in rediff. Any mention about any south Indian movie will become a Amitabh vs Rajni war. If fact research could be done as to, whatever the rediff article may be about, how many points does it take before it becomes a Amitabh vs Rajni war.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Snakes on a plane

The stupidest English movie I have watched, next to Deep Blue Sea. Both stars Samuel Jackson.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Born Again Rajni Fan

I was a fan of his after Baasha, Annamalai and Mannan. But after that came some duds. And chandramukhi just made it all the more frustrating. Then came The Cooooooooool Boss, the gum shooting Boss, the one who can make fun of himself Boss. I am a born-again fan now.

The movie was WOW all over. Shankar and his team does not disappoint. The song picturizations were brilliant.

Not too many punch dialogues, the absence of Vadivelu's sagikka mudiyatha (unbearable) jokes, Vivek's humour, dazzling Shreya in songs and finally the mottai boss made it worthwhile. As a lot of people have already said go without your brains and without any expectation, you are bound to have loads of fun.

I made a point to myslf before going to not nit-pick and I did and it was fun. Just do not look at his non-made up hands.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bourne is back