Thursday, July 05, 2007

Born Again Rajni Fan

I was a fan of his after Baasha, Annamalai and Mannan. But after that came some duds. And chandramukhi just made it all the more frustrating. Then came The Cooooooooool Boss, the gum shooting Boss, the one who can make fun of himself Boss. I am a born-again fan now.

The movie was WOW all over. Shankar and his team does not disappoint. The song picturizations were brilliant.

Not too many punch dialogues, the absence of Vadivelu's sagikka mudiyatha (unbearable) jokes, Vivek's humour, dazzling Shreya in songs and finally the mottai boss made it worthwhile. As a lot of people have already said go without your brains and without any expectation, you are bound to have loads of fun.

I made a point to myslf before going to not nit-pick and I did and it was fun. Just do not look at his non-made up hands.