Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Watch what you are talking

Watching Kramer in Seinfeld will not be the same anymore.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Minority Report becomes reality

This is way too cool, check it out. Human Computer Interface in a totally different plane.

Monday, November 06, 2006

GPL - the newest dating game show in MTV land

Yeah, you heard it right, that is the name of the show. Obviously they have their own expansion for it, but at the end of the show one of the contestants do get a kick on the back, and the other two go on to live life happily ever after (Yeah! sure).

If the show has two girls in it, they put on the least clothes, hang out near the pool and drink/eat the advertized products and try to be like Mallika S wannabees. And if it has two guys, they will be more like Salman Khan wannabes.

If this show kicks some dust, then the Indian viewers are sure to be treated with our own Bachelor, Bachelorette, Treasure Island, Blind Date, Elimidate and what not. Happy Dating.

Quotable quotes from Pyaar ka side effects

Nanoo and Sid at Nanoo's ex-girl friends Wedding reception

Nanoo - My name Narayanan Iyer should have been there (Pointing at the name plaque containing the bride and groom's name, which happens to be a cool Vincent something)
Sid - What! Your name is Narayanan Iyer?
Nanoo - How about Naryanan Balaguruswamy Iyer?

One more time, an odd 'south Indian' named guy looses out on a hot looking chic :)

Btw, the movie is quite entertaining, in the league of Mixed Doubles. Worth a watch.