Thursday, July 27, 2006

A city in sorrow

Sorry, but I'm no more resilient than the spirit of any other city. Tell me, had this happened to Delhi or Chennai or Kolkata, what would those spirits have done? Would life have come to a standstill?

Of course not! Everything goes on, as usual, everywhere in the world — that is the only response left to acts of terror. Look at Beirut. Why is nobody salaaming that spirit? Look at London, Madrid and of course, New York.

Most of the times i do not agree or understand what Shobha De writes about, but this time i do agree. Too much is talked about Mumbai resiliency. To hell with it, let the Mumbai/India govt do something for a change. Where are the ambulances, fire engines, police sirens? Where are the roads to take them to sites in a jiffy? Where is the infrastructure? Where is the city mayor, where are the politicians who turn leaders? Where is Rudy? What are the lessons learnt?

All Hair gone

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Job Oppurtunites

Each and every traffic signal/junction in Pune (any city) is a major potential source for jobs during the peak hours. Each signal will require around 4-16 paid-volunteers to guard, stopping unruly/uncivilized drivers from jumping signals/stopping correctly during the peak hours. The actual work they have to do is hold a tight rope when the signal is red. So at a time a section of the paid-volunteers can hold ropes and other section can hold advertising placards. These volunteers could be employed/sponsored by the companies that are closeby the signals/junctions. The traffic is controlled somewhat, companies are getting extra publicity, people are getting paid, everybody is happy.

Oh well, i'm not joking. Some signals in Pune already have this kind of a setup. And i really think that this setup should be extended to almost all the notorious signals.


Being married is entirely different than being single

`KANK` will not be dubbed!

But Dharma Productions the makers of KANK are refusing to dub it in Tamil as they feel it can be only enjoyed in Hindi by the elite audience.

Thank you Dharma Productions for not dubbing this one in Tamil. Tamil "non-elite" people would be saved from the torture.