Thursday, February 10, 2005

Are you desperate ?

If you are, just sms Sho at 7333.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

It's just not Page 3

Endless parties, funerals made into social events, a page 3 journo caught in a bomb blast, girls looking for sugar daddies, guys looking for sugar mommas, a namesless NRI throwing a big party to get recognized by dishing out his visiting cards, director asking his assistant deghi kya (when the assistant talks about a promising actress), ghathi cop asking young kids to be Indian first then be western (when they are caught taking drugs), gay make-up man bedding our page-3 journo's boy friend without locking the door, the journo asking the make-up man to close the door (when he is seen with some other wannabe model), wannabe actress returning back to the party scene after getting impregnated by a top star (who by the way advices his fans to use Condoms), an industrialist treating his foreign counterparts with some child-sex (kids taken from his late wife's orphanage), the real journalist asking the page-3 journo to be in the system to beat the system, the owner of the paper asking his manager to fire the bitch and repeating the same in hindi usko nikhal do (thank god he didnt translate the bitch part), and lots more.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Okay, im not going to talk about the obvious. Alright, im not even going to talk about Boy Friend(BF), but according to Suryah (director of movies like New, Kushi) BF means Best Friend, nothing else. Alright im still not going to talk about the new movie by Suryah. But as you all know the name of the movie is in English and as you also know Tamil Nadu's son, PMK's thalaivar, takes it personal when any tamil movie is released with an English Title. And along with other son's of the soil, to please their sons, have warned creators against such names and threatened them with dire consequences.

But Amma (sometimes she is Sensible), who is presently the saviour of Kollywood, has severely reprimanded the sons against such activities. She also have said that nobody has any right to do any thing like that. And also have said as long as the names are not obscene (which again is a debatable topic), the creators have the liberty to keep any name of their choice. She also goes on to suggest them, to clean their house first, then probably they can clean others.

First cleansing act she has suggested is to change the sanskrit name of the son to something in Pure Tamil. Then change Kalaignar's son's English name to something in Pure Tamil and after that change the name of their network to something in Tamil and some more suggestions. What say People, nice suggestions right ?

Oorukku upadesam