Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Three movies - One weekend

Bunti and Babli (Hindi)

A typical bollywood movie with lots of masala and no-sense. None of the songs were catchy, too bad i missed out on the last one. The movie had its moments, but it did not click as a whole. Somehow i found some of the movie shots to be quite similar to Mani;s way of movie making. Ash comes up for a song, thank god she comes only for that. Ending was very much "Catch me if you can". You can give a dekho once, but don;t expect too much out off this movie.

Y tu mama tambien (Spanish)

Great movie. The movie is about sex, life, friendship. Basically this movie is about two boys and a women who joins them in a trip to a beach. It does have some sexually explicit visuals. So if you are not comfortable with these kind of movie making, this one is not for you. The movie is quite frank and intelligent, and has its own hilarious moments. Great performances. Great visuals. If you are open to viewing non-masala movies, go rent the DVD/CD. If you are in Aundh, Pune, you can rent it in DVD Express.

Cinema Paradiso (Italian)

What a movie. Loved each and every moment of it. A romantic movie with a cinema theatre in the background in a small town in Sicily. The movie traverses the life of a kid who is interested in cinema/projectors, and learns the art from an old man, The old man gets injured in a fire accident and hands over the job to the young boy. The old man becomes his everything. He teaches him life, love and everything else that the boy needs to know. The rest of the movie deals with his love towards an young beautiful girl and his leaving the town to become a successful movie maker. The movie blends life and love in a very subtle and humorous manner that you will enjoy it immensely.


Teacher to class: "A for?"
Class: "Apple !!!!"
Teacher: "JOR SE BOLO"
Class: "JAI MATA DI !!!!!!!"

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Recorded CD

Recently went to e-square to watch Star Wars, the DJ was playing a cool hip-hop song, have heard it before, but did not know the title of it, so went and asked him. The conversation went like this :

Me :- Whats the title of the song that you are playing now ?
DJ :- It's a recorded CD.
Me :- Oh cool, what's the title?
DJ :- It's a recorded CD.
Me :- I heard that, do you know the title ?
DJ :- No, i don't

I came back to my table, thinking what the heck was a recorded CD and why would a DJ play a song, about which he doesn't have any clue about. Asked a girl in the group i was with ,to go and ask him the same. She went and asked, the conversation went like this :

She :- Can you tell me what is the title of the song that you are playing now ?
DJ :- Let me check mam, i do not know it, but let me check it in the cover. (Checks and could not find it). Mam, i do not know now, but i can check back with my friend and let you know, if you can give me your mobile number i will get back to you soon with the info (what a customer service :)).
She :- It's so nice of you. But it's not a big deal. I will find out from my friends. (And points to the table where we are sitting).
DJ :- (Staring at me like a mad dog)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

History made

Just witnessed the birth of Darth Vader, Leia and Luke. Other than Christensen as Anakin, most of the movie was great. Most of Star wars fans would be happy with this one, after the dismal part 1 and 2. Go watch it, happy viewing.

India finds Luv

Most of you know what speed dating is. It hits India now. Check this out for more info.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Indian War Movies

Has there ever been an Indian movie about Indians who fought the World wars? Was reading through this article, which made me think about this. There has been umpteen Hollywood/European movies about World wars, why not an Indian movie? Even in these foreign movies, have they ever shown an heroic Indian fighting gallantly in any of the world wars?

A note from the article :-

Indians were among the most heroic, borne out by the fact that they won over 4,000 gallantry awards, among them almost 20 Victoria Crosses.