Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Three movies, one weekend (not a review)


A scene here, a scene there style movie about the international oil industry. Gives a peek into the way things are run in the oil industry, mergers, new princes, how inefficiently oil kingdoms are run. How one action at one part of the world, affects somebody else in an other part of the world. An interesting watch.

Good night and good luck

When Communist witchhunting was doing the rounds in America spearheaded by Senator Joseph McCarthy, CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow took the battle to senator through his CBS program "See It Now". And this is what the movie is about. George clooney directed, oscar nominated, a "black and white" film, with some great performances and great dialogues. Good night and good luck.

Broken Flowers

An "autograph" style movie. Bill Murray plays Don Johnston. In a character kinds similar to the one he played in Lost in Translation. Don receives an anonymous pink, about a son, he may have fathered, setting on a trip in search of him. Don's investigative neighbour forces him to go on a trip visiting his ex-girlfriends in search of his son (or life probably?). Amazing performance by Bill Murray makes the movie enjoyable.

Right to Information

Our society thrives on "Information Hiding" policy. The less the next one knows the better is for me. How do City corporations justify not putting up any boards or display any detour's when a major road is getting dug up? In Pune, two major roads Universiy road and Senapati Road, are getting dug up, one for a fly over and other for widening. And you cannot see one place where you can get information about how long will these construction go or if there is any other roads that the commuters can take. They say our country is going to be the next "Information Captial", i'm not not too sure about it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tit for tat?

Hindu Law Board offers Rs 51 cr for killing M F Hussain

Friday, February 10, 2006

Prelude ...

... to chapter 3 began a week back and ends by June 15th 2006.


The only thing that is consistent about me is my inconsistency.

Booze Talk

A drunk guy will invariably start talking in English whatever his mother tongue may be.
A drunk girl will invariably start talking in Tamil/Marathi/Hindi/English whatever her mother tongue may be.