Monday, September 27, 2004

What all people do in the name of god ?

Stop traffic during peak office hours
Blare loudest of music (read item numbers from the latest movies)
Throw rang, gulal, colors, sometimes even drainage water at unsuspecting passers by
Dance with fultu dharu in their system
And also pick up fights with people not respecting their god.

You can surely add some more here

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dude you just Pimp

Before you get some ideas check this article out. I have always been a hip-hop fan. I like the music, the beats, the rhythm, the style. Yes, for sure the lyrics are obscene, all they talk about is Sex, Money, Girls, B**ties, B**ches, Wheels (Cars), Gold chains, Racism etc etc, but for my lyrics filtering ears its all music. The music is cool, you just hip and hop while you listen to it. All you need to do while driving on your SUV is listen to Ludacris sing "Move B**ch". (No offence meant to the ladies).

Yes, these sings are not suitable for Kids. But as Nelly says, these songs are for Adults and not for kids, and if the adults let their kids listen to it, its their fault. You cant blame these hipsters for everything.

Ok, coming back to the topic, pimp is going to be the next ghetto word coming out of the hip-hop world (or has it already arrived), which means kick-ass, ace, etc, etc. So next time if you hear some one say "yo man, i just pimped my exams" don't freak out, he is actually meaning "yo man, i just aced my exams". So just chill, relax and do some pimping, snoop dog style.

Friday, September 10, 2004


Who is an Outsourcee ?
What does an Outsourcee do ?
What does he think about his job ?
What is his general opinion about state of affairs in India and US of A ?
For more answers check out Outsourcee.

Friday, September 03, 2004


What is Fine ?
If you are talking with someone, and the other person says Fine. What does he or she really mean ? Are they in consent with you ? Or are they not ? I think its very irritating. Atleast i get irritated whenever somebody says this to me.

Mr X - Dude, is it possible to do this thing this way ?
Mr Y - No da, you cant do that that way, instead you have to do that this way.
Mr X - Fine

What does this fine mean ?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vroom, zoom and some more Dhoom

After a fast and furious highway robbery, orchestrated by the hunky John Abraham with his five member team, enter ultra trendy super-cop ACP Abhishek B. The main thing that you will be jealous about him will be the way he dances and sings along with his wife Riimi Sen. Riimi utters the sweetest of dialogues in Bengali which i obviously didnt understand. This is the sweetest bengali i have heard after Rani in Hey Ram. Next enters the dreaming Uday Chopra. Who after all his dreams also rides fast bikes, remodels stolen bikes and sells them.

Uday and Aby get together to catch John. Uday meets Esha in the middle of a rainy night. Who in her bronzed looks, toned abs and baby face doesn't look anything close to sexy. John challenges Aby to catch him at a so and so venue, Aby takes up the challenge and fails. In the meantime you get to see some more of Esha's toned abs. Aby hits Uday in fit of anger. John looses one of his buddies. John wooes Uday.

John with his 6 member team including Uday go on their final heist. You can/cannot expect a Ocean's 11 ending here. After some cat and mouse games, the inevitable happens, everybody gets their booty and return home happily.

Special mention has to be given to the Suzuki bikes that they have used in this movie. The bike stunts are amazing. John and Uday have handled their bikes quite professionally. Aby also gets one chance to ride the bike.

Altogether a fun movie to watch. Could have edited some of the final acts to give it a fitting finale.

P.S - "Mein ek pakistani vakil hoon" this is one of the dialogues uttered by Rani in the upcoming Yash chopra magnum opus. Saw the trailer of the movie, which was a typical Yash Chopra trailer splashed with yellow flowers, flowing tresses and hamming King Khan. Movie is releasing this Diwali, and for all the fans of the King Khan, it is going to be a spectacular diwali. Anything King khan touches is gold, and i dont see why not this is going to be gold. After all he is there na.