Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Long last names do help

Source:- Badmash

Gag Order

Bollywood Film Actors Council (BFAC) has issued a gag order to all the model turned actors (both actors and actresses) not to open their mouth in any of their forth coming assignments. They should politely say NO to any Directors who ask them to mouth more than one page of dialogues in a whole movie. Directors who do so will be asked to apolize (Thankar Bachan style) and will not get the services of any of these actors for any of their future assignments.

Added to this order, none of the model turned actresses should use the word MARAD in any of their dialogues. And also for sure they can't utter the following dialogue - Tu saali rand, mere marad ke saath kaise so sakthi hai?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mini(est) Bloggers Meet

Date :- 24th August, 2005
Attendees :- Kats and Me
Purpose :- Timepass (Read Gossip)
Topics Discussed :- One friend's divorce and other friend's strange marriage
Venues where gossip took place - Landmark, Cafe Coffee Day (Nungambakkam high road), Richie Street, Saravana Bhavan(Peters Road) and Marina Beach
Bought two Thiruvasagam CD;s in Landmark. Kats had one black coffee and i had one Mocha in CCD. In Ritchie street bought some new Tamil CD;s and some 3 in 1 DVD;s. In Saravana Bhavan had idiyappam, parotha, masala dosa and filter coffee. And in Marina the usual.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Long weekend with movies and books

Deception Point by Dan Brown

Just like Da Vinci Code, this one also is a good read till the end. This one deals with the usual CIA, NASA, White House and stuff. Just like Da Vinci code, this one also falls flat at the end. A good read nevertheless.

King of Torts by John Grisham

Lately John's novels are not that breathtaking, like his previous ones. This one is a bit ok. After Broker, he falls back to his favorite lawyer stories. This one deals with one such lawyer's rags to riches and back to rags story. A good time pass


A total crappy movie. Full of loopholes, bigger than the pot-holes in Pune. Music thats the only good thing about this one. You can surely miss this stupid nonsensical movie. Even Pankaj (Kaiser Soze) Kapoor could not salvage this movie.

No Man's Land

Amazing movie. Won an oscar nomination. Deals with three soldiers belonging to two different factions captured in "no man's land" during bosnian-serbian war. This one takes a small story and brings out the barbarity of the war. A must see for J.P.Dutta and his ilks.


Three small stories form a bigger movie, not many have tried this format in hindi movies. Sutradar'ing/hamming by King Khan. A wasted oppurtunity. Nothing to talk about the music. Tabu and Kay Kay excel in their small roles. Rahul Bose comes and does his usual act.

Mumbai Express

Not that bad, as reflected by a lot off negative reviews. First half breezes through. Second half fizzles out. Director tries to get back in climax, but he realizes it is too late. Manidha Gorilla is slimmed down, gets a bit more screen coverage, than what she should have got.

Frankie and Johnny

Michelle is beautiful in this movie. Al Pacino does something that he usually does not, does not look convincing. Not a great movie, but it has its moments.


The first in the samurai series. Had heard a lot of good reviews about it. A simple story of two friends, one becoming a samurai and other one a wastrel. Have to watch other movies in the series to appreciate this one.

Sin City

Kick ass movie. Guest directed by Quentin. A black and white movie with colors thrown around. Best of the lot that i saw during the weekend.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lonovala Chikki Special

Couples only

Donkey Love