Thursday, April 29, 2004

Waiting List - No 1

Four more hours for my train to depart - and im waiting list number 3. I was just thinking what would be my state when the charts are prepared and im the number 1 in waiting list. That would be quite pathetic for me since i have not made any backup plans and was hoping that my ticket would go through since the ticket i bought 45 days back was at waiting list no 8. So all you people wish me good luck that i dont end up as the Number 1 person in the waiting list. But anyways somebody has to be the number 1, i just wish im not there in that pedestal today. May be its time that the bollywood people come up with this movie "Waiting list - No. 1".

Update :- Fortunately i was not No 1, but No 3. So still in Poona looking for avenues to reach Chennai

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Whats Happennin'

"Whats Happennin'" by 'Method Man" has "Dum Maro Dum" beats in its background. It joins the latest hip-hop songs to use old hindi-numbers in the background. If you remember, last year Bappida filed a case against the makers of "Addictive by Truth-Hurts" of copy-right violations and won the case in his favor. Which is quite strange, since Bappida ruled the roost by getting inspired a lot from western songs. Incidentally Bappida also claims to be the inspiration for a lot of hip-hopsters thro his garish clothing and his style of ornaments.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Watching Liv Tyler and Alicia Sylverstone, dance and tease for Aerosmith's Crazy, who would not go crazy ?

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ridiculous News

Meenaxi withdrawn

Some Muslim fundamentalists, condemn one of the songs in the Movie, and the old man decides to withdraw the movie from all over India. Since the old man decides to withdraw only on Friday, and since already the theatres have scheduled the movie for the whole week, the movie will be withdrawn only next Friday. What a strategy to bring in the curious audience to see the movie which is anyway not attracting any audience and get some more cash registers rolling.

The Dharmendra controversy

Two famous South Indian actresses got "married" to two big-wigs in Bollywood who were already married. Out of these two couples, one couple is involved now in a political controversy as the elections are nearing. Mr Dharmendra in his asset declaration forgot to remember his wife's name. I mean how can he remember, he is getting old and he has two wives. I somehow for a long time could not digest the fact that how come two very prominent ladies get married to people who are already married, and who are not ready to divorce their wives. And these people get into politics and talk about morality and ask the people to vote for them, how hypocritic can these people get ?

Sari Stampede

I do not know what exactly happenned in Lucknow, but all i know is losing 21 precious Indian lives, to some cheap free saris, is something that i find very ridiculous. I am quite sure none of the people who were responsible for this ghastly incident, will be put behind bars, or for that matter reprimanded. Let us pray for the deceased families.

Soundarya's death

During the election time, lot of ridiculous things happen, but losing an important member of the southern film circle to this callousness is quite horrible . For those who dont know, Soundarya had done some memorable roles in south Indian movies. I know during election time people work on tight schedules, and sometimes forget to do some routine checks, but when it comes to peoples lives, i think they should take some take some extra care to see that things are ready to roll. Im sure conspiracy theorist have a theory behind this death. But whatever might have happenned, India have lost one more life to the worlds biggest election tamasha. Let us all pray for Soundarya and her family.

Note :- It would be great if no more incidents happen till this elections get over. And those people who can go vote, please judiciously vote for the best of the worst.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ha Ha



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Aragorn, Man of the West, leader of the Rangers who guard the hobbits.

In the movie, I am played by Viggo Mortensen.

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Back to Life

I had the first mango of this summer, whoa, it felt good, it really felt. I feel alive now. Im off to Home for a week, first week of May. Its going to be an eventful weak, my bro is coming from Kuwait, my dad is going to have his 60th ayushhomam, having ganapathy homam in my bro;s new home. My age old buddy Visu is getting married. And above all, i will be having manga urugais (Mango Pickles) of all kinds everyday of my stay there, especially the vadu mangais with morunjam (curd rice), and molagu mangai (the cut sour mangoes with pepeer and salt sauteed). Whew, my tongue is drooling :).

Have to make a special mention about the manga morkuzhambhu (a palghat special, prepared with mango, yoghurt, coconuts, for the recipe ask him) that my buddy Karthick prepared during last summer, when we where roomies in michigan, i still can recollect that taste. Thanks katsss.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Dosai Murdered

As part of my Murder series, i would like to tribute this blog to the mouth watering dosais. These dosais do have a life and feel bad, whenever one eats it after a total dissection with knife and forks. It belongs to the Pizza, roti family, which when eaten with hands, gives the atmost relish. As a lover of dosai, i urge readers to use discretion when they eat dosais. Think about it, how can you eat dosais if you have mulaga podi, to thottufy.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Tamizh Murdered

When i was in the States, me and my tamil friends, whenever we used to hear Tamil being murdered by the first generation Indians, we used to cry. We used to crib how badly they talk in Tamil. But finally we would console ourselves by saying that atleast they are trying to speak a little bit in Tamil. And a lot many of these first generation Tamil Indians take up Tamil as one of the languages during their bachelors, my cousin took up Thirukkural in his bachelors, and recites more of that than me, which is quite shameful.

But to hear Tamil getting murdered in India, thats a bit disheartening. Some of the first generation Tamil Mumbaikers/Puneikers that i have talked to, simply kollify it (Theres my tamlish for u all).

Recently read an article regarding the death of the regional languages, on account of all the intra-lingua marriages thats happenning all over India. The first casuality by these marriages is the regional language, since the couple take up a common language which is predominantly Hindi/English, and this also drips down to the communication with their kids.

At the end of the day, language is just a means of communication, and whichever language you are comfortable with, better use it. But please please do not killify Tamizh, please.

Note :- Niraya ezhuthanamnu than ninaichen, aana ennoda englisha parthu, mudhalla englisha katthukkoda nnu sollakudathu parunga

"Murder" - She wrote

people laughed when she cried
people couldn't laugh, when she laughed
people laughed, when she shouted hysterically
only time people reacted was when she shed her inhibitions
but when she finally scripted a murder that wasnt there, people started leaving

Friday, April 02, 2004

Meenaxi - a paheli

What was the old man thinking ? Or is it that a common man like me shouldn't understand what Meenaxi was all about, and only those people who pay exhorbitant price for his painting should understand ? All the characaters in Meenaxi are a big question mark, apart from Nawab saab who we know is the ageing writer, all the other characters have no heads or tails. The old man does try to convey some thing in the end, but by that time, everything is over the top for me. In the movie, somewhere there is a comment about women being a question mark and you should try to solve the question to have all the fun, i dont think even after solving the question mark about this movie, i will be having the fun.

Tabu as both the Meenaxi;s is breathtaking, she looks absolutely gorgeous, seductive, scintillating etc etc. Have never seen her with this much oomph since her Coolie No.1 (in Telugu) days. Tabu as the Maria in Prague is quite obnoxious with the anglicised Hindi and psuedo-Spanish looks. Santosh Sivan's cinematography gives the old man;s paintings a very vibrant look. Some of the shots of Hyderabad and Jaisalmer are wow, amazing. A lot have been said about Rahmans music in this movie, what more to add, the songs where brilliant, but the same cant be said about the background music. May be its because, if the movie as such didnt have anything to offer, what would the background music add to it.

Rediff asks you to go see this movie with a open mind, but how much can you open your mind ? Do you go see a movie to enjoy the movie or do you go and try to analyze what the director wanted to achieve and what where his shortcomings ? I mean, atleast give us something, not just vibrant colours and good looking lead actors. Better luck next time old man.