Friday, July 20, 2007

Blinded by high beams

Night driving in Indian roads is a nightware. Constant blinding high beams makes the driving not so good experience. Basically we Indian drivers do not know when to use high beams and when to not. And that is basically the problem. Since we do not know when to use, we basically keep it on all the time. Here is a video that illustrates when to use low and high beams.

There is an interesting point in that video, where it illustrates that even with a low beam whenever a vehicle climbs up a spead breaker, it acts like a high beam.

In Indian roads, by default almost every body drives with their high beams on. Irrespective of whether there are street lights are on or not. Even vehicles that stop at the signals, have their high beams on. Cops should start fining these vehicles. This totally adds on to the confusion on the other side of the roads. The other frustrating thing is vehicles which are parked in front of any shops, when they start their vehicle they start with the high beams on, this just blinds the people who are inside the shops or siting outside the shops. This should be stopped as well.

For more videos of this nature, check this blog out.

Hat Tip :- Chennai Metblogs