Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In the name of Garibrath

Does the name of the train Garibrath, means only poor people should travel this train or people who want to save some money? If it is first option, then "financial capacity" checks should be made before anybody purchases a ticket in that. If it is the second, then name Garibrath should be changed to something equivalent to "Low cost AC 3 tier trains".

As far as my experience goes, the train was filled with people who did not have any other option other than this train and people who wanted to travel AC 3rd at a lower cost. People who chose this option, needs to be aware that most of these trains have Side Middle berth, which makes sleeping in both SMB and SUB quite strenuous. Also in day time the person with SMB will be sharing seat with the 3 people who are allocated in the regular seats.

Also the bedding comes for a cost of 25 RS.


At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Noor said...

Is it really called "GaribRath" ???
if yes, then i guess we really are a pooor country...where even well-to-do people hafta travel by this express!!
Btw, remembered your blog after a looong time....will keep commenting henceforth!

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Matter Mahadevan said...

Thanks Noor for stopping by.

Yes it is called Garibrath.

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