Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Celebrity Krap

Celebrities most of the time dish out Krap in movies. Nowadays they have started dishing out the same in T.V. as well. The one who tops this list is Karan Johar in his Koffee with Karan show. He invities his A-list celebrity buddies cum Bollywood's supposedly talented King Khan, Rani, Kajol, Priyanka C, Hrithik and make them dish out Krap as well. You would expect a show which boasts of these celebrities would be a little bit entertaining, informative and intelligent. But all you end up is hearing them praise themselves. Joking about the rumour that is floating about how both King Khan and Karan are gay or joking about Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Sherawat. AS Shailaja Bajpai mentions here, this show is tabloid TV at its worst.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Mahadevan said...

Karan Thapar, Simi Garewal and Rajdeep Sardesai - these three appeal to me immensely when they conduct an interview. Karan Thapar's probes, Simi's grace and Rajdeep's ebullience are inimitable.


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